The EarthWays Herbal Resources Page

We welcome suggestions for other sources of great information! 


These are some of my personal favorites -

Michael Tierra's Planetary Herbs site and home of the East West School of Herbology.   Online herb forum, free articles, extensive therapeutic information.   Good links.  You can spend a LONG time, just exploring.

Michael Moore's site.  Home for the Southwest School of Herbology.  This includes outstanding herb manuals and texts used by herb professionals around the world.   It also has hundreds and hundreds of wonderful photos and drawings.   BIG public service - MAJOR brownie points!

David Hoffman:  Numerous articles by David on a WIDE variety of therapeutic subjects.  Brush up on your Latin!  Materia Medica.

Paul Bergner's Medical Herbalism Page.  This is the home of Medical Herbalism, a quarterly journal of clinical herbalism.

Robyn Klein's Recommended Reading, great list of herbal publications.

Christopher Hobbs' Home Page, includes more than 20 articles and monographs on individual herbs, by this 4th generation herbalist.  Check out his on-line biography!

American Herbalists Guild.  A valuable resource, a voice for herbalists and an organization worth joining!  Make a copy of the code of ethics!

American Botanical Council.  This is a tax-exempt research and educational organization and is the home of HerbalGram.

Herb Research Foundation.  Herbal news, politics, science and more.   Co-publishes HerbalGram with the American Botanical Council.  "Improving world health and well being through herbs."   Extensive library - will provide customized research.  Rob McCaleb, President.

International Herb Association.  Provides education, small business advice, business opportunities and entertainment for people in all sorts of herbal endeavors.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage.  Lots of interesting stuff to read, plus a listing of herbal shareware.  An award-winning site.

Algy's Herb Page.  Many links.  Much to see.  Great recipes, gardening, medicinals.  Another award-winning site.

Howie Brounstein's Home Page.  Great and accessible writing!  International flavor.

The Herbal Bookworm has book reviews and lists of the top ten herb books, by different groups.  Also, a list of stinkers(!) and quotable quotes.  Witty and opinionated.  Pulls no punches!  Submit your next book here - if you dare!

Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

"Wildman" Steve Brill's website features foraging tips and wild foods recipies.


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